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Graphics Installation LLC in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment (USA)

Client: Sony Music, USA
Installation Location: New York City
Equipment Used: Ladders; team of 4 professional installers
Jobs Performed: Site Survey, Large-format-print, 2-day wall-on-vinyl installation

Site Survey

Sony Entertainment contacted us because they wanted a large, wall mural to spruce up their corporate office located in the heart of Manhattan. The client reached out and contacted Graphics Installation LLC to explain the job details and for us to perform a site survey to take accurate measurements.

We worked with an artist in London to come up with the design according to the appropriate dimensions. Once the design was approved by all parties, it was printed by us in California and shipped out to New York.


We planned the installation during the weekend, in order to not disturb the office during regular business hours.

Our four-man team arrived to Sony Music headquarters on-time and obtained the proper security clearances. We then proceeded upstairs with our ladders, tools, and graphics.

During the span of the first day, we installed the wall graphics along 16-wall segments (about 40 pieces in total). This process required us to move around office furniture in addition to dismounting and remounting several speakers which were affixed to the walls.

On the second day, we returned and spent half-a-day installing graphics onto 14 columns within the corporate office.

We discussed the project with the managers on-site and received a satisfactory “job-well-done,” before leaving. It was a pleasure to work with all of those at the Sony Music office and the bright-blue wall graphics did add some life to the corporate office.

In the future, we will return to install wall graphics for their conference rooms.

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