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Graphics Installation LLC in conjunction with Victoria Secret

Client: Victoria Secret
Installation Location: Manhattan, New York City
Equipment Used: Boom-lift; team of 10 professional installers
Jobs Performed: Site Survey & Banner Installation

Site Survey

The Victoria Secret Flagship store was covered by a large, green barricade during construction. The company wanted their barricade to be branded with the store’s logo.

The client reached out and contacted Graphics Installation LLC for a site survey to install a banner over the green barricade. The following day we provided a crew to take accurate measurements, photos, and notes.

The printer and pressman obtained these details and printed a banner according to the dimensions specified.

During this time, we obtained a DOT permit from New York City Department of Transportation. This permit allowed us to close down one lane of traffic to perform an after-hours installation.


Once the graphics were approved by the client, they were shipped to our freight facility in New Jersey.

We obtained a 60-foot boom lift and a 10-man crew for the job.

We enclosed the side walks and had two flagmen on duty to provide the safest working environment. New York City is a bustling metropolitan area, so bystanders and vehicles needed to be redirected away from our work-zone.

During the span of two nights, our crew professionally installed the banner over the barricade. The next day we took photos of the completed installation job.

Graphics Installation LLC forwarded the finalized photos. Both the printers and Victoria Secret management provided praise as well as satisfactory feedback.


As long as the barricade is up, we continue to monitor and maintain it.

To this day, Graphics Installation LLC works closely with the client, the production team, and local management.

This summarizes another successful job performed by us in the heart of New York City. All projects with us are handled in a similar manner whether your job is big or small.


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