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Graphics Installation LLC in conjunction with The American Chemical Society

Client: American Chemical Society
Installation Location: Washington, D.C
Equipment Used: Boom-lift; team of 4 professional installers
Jobs Performed: Site Survey, Banner Installation and Banner Removal

Site Survey

The American Chemical Society wanted to install a banner across their building to commemorate the recent Nobel Prize winners in chemistry. The client reached out and contacted Graphics Installation LLC for a site survey to install a banner over their building located in Washington D.C.

Graphics Installation’s owner met with the building’s engineers and management team to get additional details on how exactly they wanted the banners installed. After the banner was approved, we took accurate measurements, photos, and notes about the job. We advised the printer on how to produce the banner according to the dimensions specified.


We sent a 4-man crew and obtained a 45-foot boom lift for the job. The crew attached steel cables to the building to hold the banner in place and then fastened the banner to the bottom of the structure. All of the equipment used to hang the banners were removable and did no damage to the building’s face.

During the span of an entire day, our crew professionally installed the banner over the building. The next day we took photos of the completed installation job. Graphics Installation LLC forwarded the finalized photos. The client believed the job was well done and was satisfied with the appearance of the building.

Banner Removal

After about two months, the campaign finished and the client needed the banner to be removed in order to give the building its original appearance. Graphics Installation LLC sent a 4-man crew with a 45-foot boom lift to remove the banner over the course of a day.

This summarizes another successful job performed by us.

All projects with us are handled in a similar manner whether your job is big or small.


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